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General rules and safety regulations: FIM-E, TFB, STTF. NHRA Nitro Harleys are allowed.

Entry fee is 400,00€ + electricity. Entry form via Class is NB (Nitro Bike).

Point system

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EDIT: Rule exception to conventional rules.

Eight-competitor pro ladder. A -ladder, B -ladder, C -ladder and, if applicable, D-ladder max. (32 competitors).

To make for a more interesting race between different types of nitro bikes competing in the same race, a 6.10 second equalization breakout rule is used for riders breaking the 6.10 second barrier.

For the equalizing penalty, only full hundreds of second are counted.

An example: If a rider runs 6.0192 s, the penalty will be 0.09 s (6.10-6.01 = 0.09 s). For the next run, total time with penalty for the same time of 6.0192 s becomes 6.1092 s. At the next round, the rider runs 5.9192 s. Then his time is penalized by the previous 0.09 s increase so that the time with penalty becomes 6.0092 s. The next round penalty is 0.19 seconds (6.10 – 5.91 = 0.19 s)

Time penalties are reset by each race.

Event pay out

Winner gets 3000,00€, Runner-up 1500,00€, Rest prize money depends on the amount of riders.

Additionally in each event will be drawn with all qualified riders:

205 L drum of 100% Nitro

New rear slick (M/T 14″x31″ or Hoosier 13.5″x31.5″)

60 L drum of PetroCanada Duron 50 oil

Championship prizes

Championship winner, Complete FuelTech FT600 EFI system (value 12750,00 €)

Runner-up, FuelTech FT550 EFI system (value 8400,00 €)

Third place, FuelTech FTSPARK EXTREME – 1500mJ dual plugs ignition system (value 5250,00 €)